Friday, October 28, 2005

Feeling like...leftovers.

Can't seem to get any work today. I usually spend about 8 hours a day at the sewing machine, cutting table, etc. but today I'm just chatting online with faceless friends. Guess I really feel the need to communicate.

One big show down (which turned out not to be a big show at all) and one big show to go until December. I should be working my fingers to the bone, but nah... It's lonely working like this. I like being alone much of the time, but after a while I end up feeling isolated and misunderstood.

And I never have enough of the right zippers, dammit. Wrong colour or wrong size. Damn damn damn.

BUT some of the new bags are just divine. Can't wait to post pics here and on my website, where they will ultimately be for sale.

Textural thought for the day: the feeling on the tongue of lemongrass and ginger sautéed vegetables over rice. Smooth onions, crunchy red peppers, and the little oblong pearls of rice grains. Chewy zucchini and broccoli (that was fun to type). Thai spices and coconut milk.

Ah, leftovers.


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