Monday, September 25, 2006

So much going on

it makes my head spin. My ebay store is getting bigger and I'm mainly selling yukata cottons right now (perfect for quilting, of course) and just added pillow forms tonight because I have 4 cases of different sized pillow forms and I'm just not using all of them. I should be, but... there's always another project to work on instead.

Dreams of that trip to Japan are still quite vivid in my mind. I'll get there sometime in 2007 or go crazy trying.

My dad had major surgery today. We're all on stand-by to find out how he'll recover. Fingers crossed for my Papa.

I attended a Ladies Who Launch seminar in Portland, OR this past weekend. It was fabulous. So was the sushi at Dragonfish. I highly recommend the Caterpillar roll. Damn, I'm so hungry now!

The new line of scarves and messenger bags will be up on Kimono Momo soon. The sewing machine and I are working overtime to get ready for the holidays... but now, to sleep. *yawn*


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