Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Almost April, what to wear?

Here I am, counting down to the trunk show at Twisted Locks on April 3... but first, I'm meeting up with a Style Coach! Jandi Girard of Inspire Style Coaching will be helping me find my own personal style. Oh sure, it's easy enough for me to wear a kimono in public, but something like business casual? I'm lost. Seriously. I had a meeting with Jandi a few days ago to take my measurements and I was very impressed. She's got an upbeat attitude and loves her work. Check out her site for more info.

Meanwhile, here in Bend it's still winter. The crocuses are up, daffodils are trying, tulips are so-so (at least in my yard. I get the impression they don't care for sand), and I've got hundreds of sunflowers sprouting up everywhere. Apparently they DO like our soil. Hardy little buggers. That's what I get for trying to compost the seedheads last fall...


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