Tuesday, January 01, 2008

whoo hoo! new blog!

Moving on a bit from the rampant silliness and unfocused nonsense of this blog, I've put up another one at WordPress, The Ardent Thread, where I'll be all business-like and discuss the stuff I actually do for a living. You're welcome to join me. I'll probably still post here, too, since I can't hold a straight face for too long, but we'll see.

Anywho, it was great to finally make it back to BlueGal's Monday night Skype session. I've missed you clever people. Cheers to BlueGal, Comrade Kevin, Dark Black, DCup, MathMan, Tengrain, Bad Astronomer, FranIAm (who was there in spirit) and all the rest.

Be well, and Happy New Year!


At 1/01/2008 , Blogger DCup said...

Happy New Year! It was great chatting with you briefly last night.

Now I'm off to check out your new blog!


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