Thursday, September 28, 2006

Instant Karma!

I got fired from my third part time job of the year on Monday. I can't remember the last time I felt so good. Giddy, in fact. I liked the job, the people, everything about it (well, almost everything). So why am I so happy? Why do I bounce out of bed these days? Because I'm back to doing what I've done since I was 17: I'm working for myself. And I love it.

A good friend of mine is my new business partner. We're trying to make each other money without driving each other crazy first (me with my quibling and he with his phone conversations punctuated with girl-watching). My boyfriend is very tolerant of both of us. After all, he's known us both for a long enough time to figure it wouldn't be worth shooting either of us to shut us up. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? I didn't know whether to laugh or run screaming from the garage today, when I handed BF an ancient .22 rifle for him to shoot the resident pack rat (our garage mouse dropped dead last week, conveniently close to the garbage bin). The rat wisely hit out behind the water heater til BF gave up. For the time being, anyway.

The ebay store is a bit of a mind bender. I love customer service, and have always liked dealing with people, but now it's all text back and forth. It feels a bit sterile, but then again no one has to worry about bad breath or what you're wearing, etc. I'm barefoot in my studio (I SAID NO SHOES ON THE CARPET, KIDS!!) and I only have to worry about looking decent when I go out to the post office. Not bad. On the other hand, I do have people drop in sometimes, and I have to hide the mess and try to look organised. Sometimes I almost pull it off, too.

Little confession... when I'm at home I crank up my iTunes and listen to music no one else likes. Right now it's Delerium, Flowers Become Screens. I love the transition of the piece. It has such an interesting evolution of sound and rhythm. Deep.

Are you actually reading this? Shout out, who are you?


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