Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Next stop, Seattle

Portland was... interesting. The weather was about as cold as Bend (unusual, to say the least), but my shopping experience with Jandi Girard from Inspire Style Coaching was AMAZING. I met her in Nordstrom at 3:30 pm, where she greeted me with a cup of tea (she guessed what I'd like and she was right!) and a cookie. We went to a dressing room that was stocked with TONS of clothes for me to try on. Wow. My budget wasn't big enough to take home all the things I liked (and there were a lot) but I did pick up several good wardrobe staples. A few were even on sale, and who doesn't like a sale? By the time we left--around 7 pm--we were exhausted, but in a good way. My fashion sense is forever changed for the better. If you're in Portland or Bend, give her a call. Right now. Tell her Kimono Momo sent you.

The trunk show at Twisted Locks was fun. The crew there is so much fun to be with and very friendly. They became my new favourite salon the first time I got my hair done there, and I look forward to going back again. So, a big THANK YOU to Nancy, Eddie, and all the girls at Twisted Locks. You all rock.

This weekend I'll be heading north to Seattle. Oh boy... more to come.


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