Sunday, October 08, 2006

Half asleep means half awake

Got pics of the new stuff today. Here's a sample... it is a formal drape style scarf made from a kurotomesode kimono. And I think I may have a buyer for it already!

I've ordered the sushi, bought some wine and sake, and cleaned at least part of the house/studio. The thing keeping me up now is not worrying about the remaining mess, but the thought of spending a huge amount of money to do a very short show in Portland next month. It could be good, or it could be a wash like it was last year. But... my stuff is so much better this year than last year. Eh, it could be really good. Yeah, I like that idea.

Hm. I hope 2 bottles of booze and a platter of sushi will be enough. Heck, I hope it isn't, too, because if it isn't enough then that means more people came than I expected and that would be tremendously good. I've been looking for an excuse to host a party here since the day we moved in. If this works well, I'll do it again next month. Ha ha.


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