Monday, October 09, 2006

Today's motto: be prepared

Next time I will do more prep work to make sure these things go well. As it is I only invited people verbally with no written back up and so only two people showed up. Pam and Steven got the benefit of all the sushi they could eat and first pick of my new stuff. They open their new store, Takara, later this week if all goes well. I've seen inside it and I'm excited! It's a beautiful space with handcrafted details (gorgeous woodwork), antique Japanese furniture, and loads of beautiful items (most of which were still packed when I stopped by the other day).

So, in the end the family got to nosh on sushi for dinner and will have more for lunch today. Thank you, Morris, for making such wonderful food. He called me this morning to make sure we'd enjoyed it! Morris is the sushi guy at Newport Market here in Bend, and he puts a lot of thought into his work. Kudos.

In other news, I'm typing this on the bf's Mac because the wireless router decided to crap out yesterday and my own Mac is sitting in the corner, looking forlorn and useless. Poor thing. No internet.

I talked with my dad over the weekend. He sounds better now than he did before the surgery. Yay Dad!


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