Monday, October 22, 2007

For those whom I have just met

I realize I kinda jumped into some of your blogs recently and you likely have no idea who I am. My blog is formulaic, I suppose, no fancy coding or personal photos, just links to my business and some friends' blogs. No political links, nothing that shouts "liberal hippie chick from Oregon" aside from the shade of green...

I'm a mother of two humans and three ferrets. We live with the Man Who Keeps My Toes Warm at Night, an amazing man who has chosen to help me raise the heathens I brought into this world (their bio-dad totally failed in this task). He and I grew up in the same small California town but didn't meet until a decade after we both left and headed 500 miles north. I can see the Cascade mountains from my doorstep, and right now they are covered in snow.

As for my politics, that will evolve slowly. I spent a lot of my early years in Berkeley and learned early to question everything. I've never taken recreational drugs. I don't really drink. I've never smoked anything. Many of my friends are Pagans, Atheists, Unitarians, Quakers, Baha'is and Buddhists. I spent 2 years living in an RV, technically homeless but at least mobile... for a while. Then I sold everything and bought one-way tickets to London Heathrow, had a baby, lost a grandparent and ended my marriage all within a year and a half.

Yes, I'm rambling. There are children in the room with me now, talking on the phone, making gun noises, waiting for a turn on the computer. I'll writing something intelligible when I can hear myself think.


At 10/23/2007 , Blogger FranIAm said...

Thanks for the introduction. I am glad to have our blogs connected.

It is all about the different, wonderful, diverse and interesting blogs and bloggers to me. No formula or particular output needed.

Just creativity and humanity.

At 10/24/2007 , Blogger Phydeaux Speaks said...

I'm always glad to have new folks show up at my place, especially when it leads me to another good read.

Even though it's sometimes a day or two later....


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