Friday, October 13, 2006


1. The whooshing sound of silk rolling off the bolt as I start creating a new scarf. I rub the fabric against my man's cheek so he can feel it. His hands are working on computer parts and he closes his eyes in appreciation of the softness.

2. Feeling roots letting go of the earth in my back garden as I prepare for winter. The soft muffled snap under the soil.

3. Watching my 12 year old daughter grow into womanhood. It's a tad overwhelming sometimes, but still beautiful.

What are your 3 Beautiful Things today?


At 10/21/2006 , Blogger Word Imp said...

I enjoyed your 3bts. Thanks for asking for mine. They are:
Clare putting a comment on my blog!
Having mocchacino in my fave cafe!
Buying a beautiful blouse for my sister's wedding.
All the best with your blog.


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