Thursday, December 28, 2006

Busy tech day!

The Kimono Momo site has been updated with sale prices and information and I've been busy digging up more items to put in the store, so if you don't see something there that you desperately want yet, I might still have it tucked away in a box and just need to photograph it and update the site again. But for you, I would do this. Yes, I would.

See the mini clutch I have listed here right now? This one:

Sure, it's sold. But I have at least two more almost finished. My wholesale buyers love these. If I walk in the door with one in hand, they snap it up. Why? Because it's cute AND practical. And elegant, too. Which is kinda nifty. I might keep one for myself as I'm almost out of the obi fabric and I really like it. You should get one. They'll be gone forever soon...


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