Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smokin' pincushion & target practice

Yesterday my acupuncturist used some moxa on my shoulder. "Let me know if it gets too hot" she said. Seeing as I'm normally cold anyway, I never said a word, just felt like a kitten in a sunbeam. Some of the needling had interesting side effects, such as "feeling" needles in other acupuncture points where there weren't any. I'm told this is an indication that things are "moving" and it's good. Okie dokie.

Since that treatment yesterday, my trigger finger has developed a funny twitch, hopefully only temporary. I guess it's a good think I'm not armed. This does bring back the memory of being at a shooting range here in the desert, a .45 in hand, turning to respond to a question someone behind me was asking, and feeling my finger twitch. A .45 has a helluva kick and I almost dropped it from the shock. (cue nervous laugh)

Time to get off the computer and help my daughter's friend find a tiara. Much as I love costuming (see post below with the pretty pretty black dress) I don't care much for Halloween. It feels like costuming for candy. You know, kinda cheap, I guess.


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