Monday, October 23, 2006

It's that time of year...

and I'm hitting the blog circuit as hard as I can. Today the Holiday Gift Buying Guide at Indie hit the web. I suggest you head over there and check it out. There are a plethora of indie designers like myself who have put together a lovely showcase of goods, thanks to Anissa Mook who runs the show.

Still waiting to hear back from several other blogs and newsletters, but a few have told me that they would like to feature me in the future. Well, thanks! A little actual feedback is a nice thing. The automated replies are a bit... sterile, you know? When a blog writer/fashion editor emails me to say "I like your stuff! I'll fit you in when I can" I can't help but feel like I've had a nice pat on the back. Take note, fellow bloggers/newsletter scribes. A few nice words can go a long way.

That said, please check out the updates I've done to the Kimono Momo site. It's looking better every day.

Out in the garden the cold frame has still not been built (bf & I are obviously not carpenters), but I did build a season-extending sort of plastic greenhouse out of clear poly sheeting and a frame I used over the summer to hold the monster tomato tree up. Eh, it's a start. There's lettuce, onions, cilantro, and some other stuff out there. Right now I'm keeping the frost off it, but not a lot else. No snow yet (hooray!), but it is very cold at night.


At 10/25/2006 , Blogger chimera said...

the site looks great; love the photo of M in the bags section - you couldn't ask for a better model!

At 10/25/2006 , Blogger kimono hime said...

Thanks! She's a sweetie.


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