Thursday, December 01, 2005


Did I mention I was doing a show? No, I didn't. My bad.

Check out the photos of the show and the lovely venue, the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon right here:

It was a rockin' night, y'all.

The pic of me tying my friend into her kimono goes to show that I'm still inept in getting others all obi-ed up, but I can dress my self with two hands tied behind my back. Literally. She ditched her kimono in short order and wore my favourite green shibori haori over an orange knit hoodie and looked lovely. Easy for her; she's a red head. I was comfy in 2 layers of purple furisode and a purple obi.

I'm planning on signing up for the next CRAVE event, to be in March. Check out for details, buy tickets, and mention Kimono Momo because that's my business name. Up til now I've stayed anonymous here (sort of) but now you know.

Oh, and BTW, Jupiter has THE best beds. Absolutely. Stay there next time you visit Portland. I will!