Sunday, September 30, 2007


We have two seasons here in the high desert: summer and winter. One is hot and dry, the other is cold and mostly dry. Right now it's damp out there so I'm assuming it's not going to be hot again until sometime around late June or July. Hoorah, Oregon.

Lucky me I found a gorgeous black wool trench/pea coat on sale back when it was still hot, but I still haven't found those ever so elusive perfect black boots I've been lusting after (preferably waterproof). I know they are out there, but not for less than $100 and right now that's out of reach. I just paid a booth fee for a craft show in December and now I've only got $60 to my name. I aspire to being independently wealthy, not just independently employed.

It's been said that it takes 15 years to become an overnight success. Well, it's a few years late, but I think I could be ready for success by January.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Mac, my boyfriend

I love them both. I take them both for granted by assuming I can turn them on anytime I want to and they'll perform to my expectations (HA!). I spend a lot of quiet time with them, I yell at them periodically, too. I put them through their paces but rarely spend the time finding out just what makes them tick. And weirdly enough, they seem to speak the same language, one that I've never bothered to learn.

But baby, one of you is getting replaced. Here's a hint: it's not the one who keeps my toes warm at night, but it IS the one who is having a hard time gettin' it up these days.

I suppose I could replace them both, but where's the fun in that? After five years, I've got the man programmed to respond appropriately to my prompts and he can fix the computer when it doesn't.

All I need now is a spare $2k. hahahahahaha. ("but honey, it's a business write-off!")

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy birthday to all the virgos out there.

To my dad, my first boss (and lifelong friend), my post-divorce boyfriend, The Angel of My Heart, and Me! Yup, I've lived comfortably surrounded by male virgos and bless them all for keeping me heading in the right direction, especially the Angel I wake up next to every morning.

Just so you know, I'm stopping production of the purses and scarves because all I've ever really wanted to do was handle as much exquisite fabric as I possibly could, and that means simply dealing in fabric, not accessories. It's been fun, I think those of you who have either purchased or continuously lusted after my bags are great and fabulous people, and don't worry, I can still make you a special something if you desperately need it.

Damn, that felt good.