Sunday, August 27, 2006

The ties that bind (are called obijime!).

I went a little crazy today. I trolled ebay and other sources for obijime and kimono under-pinnings. I stormed through the garage tracking down all the kimono, obi, juban, geta, etc. I knew I'd packed when we moved 3 months ago. I almost gave the resident garage mouse a heart attack (would save us so much trouble if it had been successful!). And I found...

An impressive bundle of excellent kimono and obi sets. If the fashion show at Sake One goes through next month, I will be pleased as punch. All that time and money spent on back issues of Kimono Hime magazine and all the other books in my library will be worth it if people look at this collection and say "I'll take that one." Yes, it will pain me to sell any of them, but I can't hold on to them forever. Well, yes I could, but I won't. Selling what I've got means I can buy more, right? Yes!! And I can live with that.

In the meantime, I've got to be able to dress half a dozen models in casual, semi formal and formal kimono and make it all look effortless. No problem. Po nobrem. No bobplem. eh...

And I got a mention on Portland Picks! Yay! Good publicity is such a happy thing.

Still missing two pairs of geta though. Not happy about that. grrrr.

Monday, August 07, 2006

So this is August...

I made my very first ever batch of daifuku from scratch. So proud of myself. Yummy stuff. Sticky too.

Got some publicity on at long last. Nice.

Stunning lightning storm tonight. Pretty.

Massive migraine today. Painful.

Not much to say. Oh well.