Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's 1 am... and don't want to go to bed.

But I am tired. Got to wear full kimono gear for the second Saturday in a row. In my tiny little conservative resort town. In winter.

But it was sooooo fun. A Japanese woman in line at the grocery store was very amused. I smiled and told her she still looked more Japanese than I did.

I really like my new geta as they make me nicely tall. One of the benefits of being short (by western standards) is that I can fit most kimono. The down side is that, well, I'm still short by western standards.

I'm impatiently waiting for 3 packages from Japan right now. One new kimono (blue!!!), one obi and some books. Trying to study the language but I'm suffering from inertia. Also trying not to panic about packages that aren't here, were sent SAL or were sent (supposedly) by EMS but I have no tracking # to prove this.

**yawn** must... sleep... work in the morning....