Thursday, May 24, 2007

More ebay madness

Oh wow. I had no idea how much silk I had and how long some of these pieces have been sitting around. I'm selling off some of the old style kimono scarves right now. They were listed on the Kimono Momo main site for $50 but now they're opening at $16.50 or buy-it-now for $20. I've had some of them for two years and they've been rolled on bolts, sitting in a box because I couldn't be bothered to do anything with them. Silly, silly woman.

Here's pics of some of the stuff I've been listing today. You can go to my ebay store by clicking here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big revamp in the ebay store

I had a friendly one-on-one chat with one of the ebay folks this week and she gave me loads of "homework" to do with fixing up my store. So check in sometime soon and give it a look through. You might find something you're looking for... if you like Japanese fabrics for crafting or quilting, that is. You can check it out here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

bloggers who rock part deux

Check out She's a Betty blog. I got a mention on the "Budget Finds" List!

I'm also in the Modish Summer Gift Guide in the section headed *ahem* "I'm sick of spending all day at the mall! (one of a kind gifts)". There's a discount code in there for 20% off if you'd like to use it.

Yet another siting, this time on Craft Revolution's Handbag Roundup.

*happy dance*

I'm working on a new bag design RIGHT NOW. Okay, I'm typing RIGHT NOW but in a moment I will move away from the computer and turn to the sewing machine and work on the new bag. It will be just like the messenger, but smaller. I'll be needing beta testers, so stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bring on May

There are more updates on the Kimono Momo site than I can count, and I'm the one who is still working on the code to add more. Html makes my head spin. I get all glassy-eyed and kind of numb. But it's all good.

Certain items will be going away, such as the old clutches, to be replaced by the very popular wallets. Certain other items will finally be appearing on the site instead of sitting on my "completed projects" shelf and feeling lonely.

Does anyone even read this anymore? I know people did once upon a time. Where did you all go? fine, be that way. I'll go to typepad or some other fancy blog instead. nya nya.