Sunday, November 12, 2006


Bad news. The expo was a total flop. I didn't sell a thing and someone stole one of my scarves. So now I'm out several hundred dollars... and it started snowing on my way home. The bf is very ill, the kids are grumpy, tomorrow is Monday and we don't know what's going to happen. Will school be delayed? Closed? Bf is staying home from work (doctor's orders) and I have nowhere to go aside from the grocery store so I'll be here too. One of our windows has a leak and there is a constant "drip...drip..." from the kitchen. My left shoulder has locked up again (damaged in a car accident several years ago) and hurts like crazy.

I will never ever ever again do any show with the word "expo" in its title. grrrrrr.

You know what would make me happy? A trip to the local hot springs and a massage. Several massages, actually, spread out over a few days. Yeah, that's the ticket. Hot hot water and massages. Oh, boy. Fabulous. My coin jar is up to about $60, so that is getting closer to reality. Not close enough to help me now, but at least it's a goal in action, right?

I hope your weekend was better than mine.


At 11/14/2006 , Blogger chimera said...

oh no - sorry it didn't go well. here's hoping next weekend will be better for you!

At 11/15/2006 , Blogger Word Imp said...

I'm so sad to hear all those bad things. My favourite saying at times like that is "this too shall pass". Hope that helps. Keep smiling. It works.

At 11/15/2006 , Blogger Madame C said...

Oh sweetheart, what a rubbish weekend.
I find a five minutes wallowing in self-pity helps, a bit of a cry and a bit of a swear at the world and how unfair life is and then doing something dull yet productive - washing up, sorting out cupboards etc - to get you going again.
Also never underestimate the power of a cup of tea. Being english it is my standard response to any kind of crisis.
Just remember that tommorrow is another day and to be started fresh.

Chin up, stiff upper lip and other nonsense and put the kettle on!

At 11/15/2006 , Blogger kimono hime said...

You are all so lovely! And hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Chimera, thank you for your wish. Imp, "this too shall pass" has been my mantra for years. It really works. Madame C, I did a lot of washing and tea drinking on Monday! And yes, it made me feel much better.


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