Thursday, November 16, 2006

Glory be! I'm in the news.

Remember that reporter I mentioned a while back? She just sent me pdf copies of the article she wrote. Yay! It looks great. Her writing has a good "bounce" to it and the pictures didn't turn out half bad (considering I was a total slacker mess that day). There were a few small things I would have changed, but they weren't very important to the overall content of the piece, so I won't mention it to her. She was a real sweet person to work with and I'm glad it turned out so nicely.

You can see a mini version of the article on my press page. Can't exactly read it, but you can see what my scarves and I look like, at least.

I'm actually making a tie today. It just feels so... weird. Don't know why. But it looks good so far! As long as I don't eat TOO many dark chocolate covered espresso beans, it should turn out fine.


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