Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyber Monday? Maybe not.

But I did just fine with some wholesale orders. Aside from the fact I won't be getting paid for them until December, at least I sold some of the new stuff. Specifically, these new obi clutch purses:

Not bad, eh? Thing is, now I'll be pulling all-nighters just to make more for the Crave show on Wednesday. Oh, joy. Want one? send me an email and let me know. They are $75 USD each and I'll ship for free in the US if you mention you saw it here (overseas shipping depends... if it's not too much, I'll ship free anywhere). I had never used a clutch before I made these, and honestly, I love them. I can fit my phone, plastic (drivers license, credit cards), cash, lip balm, business cards, whatever in one. There is a large inside pocket, too because I am hopelessly practical. They are about 5.5 inches high, 12 inches wide and very, very pretty.


At 11/28/2006 , Blogger chimera said...

wow, they are gorgeous. how much do you think shipping would be to France?

At 11/28/2006 , Blogger kimono hime said...

Free for airmail. Express, $5.

I'll post pics of what's available on my site next week after I've had a chance to catch my breath!


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