Friday, November 17, 2006


Crave Portland is coming. I can feel it in my bones. I got an email from the crew today outlining set up and show stuff. How exciting! It's only a four hour show, but it's more like a party where I have to work very, very hard and meet a ton of people. And make money, too. Yeah, I like that part. If you're in Oregon, I suggest you buy your tickets NOW! And bring cash for drinks and shopping. Last year the ATM at the show ran out within the first two hours, and the place will be packed with oodles of interesting gift-type goodies, including my work!

Last year I got happily smashed on a vanilla martini after the show. Good thing I wasn't driving back over the mountains that night. Well, my friend Emden would have been the one driving anyway, and she was sober, but still... tragedy was averted. And yes, I can get smashed on a drink or two. I'm a cheap date. So what.

Here's my weekly request to the Universe at large: Send me some help! I need an extra pair of hands to get the manufacturing work done here. I need to be working on development of new ideas while someone else makes the established stuff. I can't pay much just yet, but the need is there. It would also help me stay focused if I had someone else telling me what needed to be done and offering suggestions on design improvements. And I'm still planning to head to NYC in the late spring or early summer, so I'll need help with that, too.

I know the Universe is listening because the last time I asked for someone to help with my business, I got it. :-) I'm a firm believer in focused intention.


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